Florida Prison Partnership Kickoff


The Writers in Prison Network is proud to announce as of June 6, 2015, we are adding several prisons in Central Florida as partners. As the premiere organization for bringing talented inmates to the Internet, the WIP network has been in service for over 10 years.

Answers To Questions About this Partnership

How can I find the stories by Florida Inmates?

We will be adding both fiction and non-fiction as part of this long-term Florida partnership we are announcing today.  We take great care in vetting both the writers and the content before posting, so give us a few weeks to gather submissions. Participants are asked to submit entries anonymously and we request a UPS shipment with tracking and insurance for submissions to be sent to our office in Florida.

Tell me about the prisons – where...

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Up until quite late in the 19th century English prisons were places for punishment not rehabilitation. They were seen as places of exquisite torture where prisoners – men, women and children – would, for example, have to turn a crank handle a required number of times a day. This handle performed no useful purpose other than to pick up cupfuls of sand and empty them in an enclosed box outside their cell. If the warder felt particularly vindictive they could tighten the screw to make the process more arduous. Hence the universal prison slang term ‘screw’.

We might well be heading back into less enlightened times like these if The Sun newspaper has any say in the matter...

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